Lets CRAFT 25x30cm Artist Canvas Panel Blank White Painting Board Kids Adult Art & Craft UK

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Let your creativity spark !

This Artist Canvas Panel measures 25cm x 30cm and is suitable for oil and acrylic paint.

Each canvas is glued onto a piece of card and can easily be framed in a suitable frame.

Ideal for Artists; Great for Artworks, Painting, Crafts, Home Decoration.

Blank stretched canvas are ready for painting and drawing.

Suitable for professional use or study practice use.

If it's oil painting or acrylic, nothing is difficult, it gives a smooth finished result.


Size : 25 x 30 cm

Suitable for both Oil and Acryllic Paints

Packaged Dimensions: 30cm x 25cm x 0.3cm

Materials: Canvas and card

Packaging: Shrink wrapm