Multicolours Permanent Textil Fabric Marker Pens T-Shirt Cloth Shoes Paint 2 mm

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Do-it-yourself Fabric Decorating Markers 2mm Dip

Start your own decoration project today! Use these great colourful markers on material like Jeans or T-Shirts and express your colourful and creative site ! The markers come with a fine to medium tip of 2mm the marker to allow exact lines.


You can buy a “Single markeror a “Set of 5”. The set gives you 5 vibrant colours, so that you can create your own dazzling designs on clothes, accessories and textiles.

The colours included in the “Set of 5” are: green, light blue, light green, purple and pink or you can also buy every colour as a “single marker


The fine dip markers are perfect to use for personalising canvas tote bags, jazzing up old jeans or designing top T-shirts – the possibilities are endless. Be unique and create your own custom look with these professional quality fabric pens

No ink bleed - The permanent fabric pens’ top-quality ink and nibs let you draw elegant lines and intricate designs with specially designed ink which is unbeatable in its ability to let you express your artistic ideas beautifully



1.) Decorate and sing while drawing your favourite teddy bear!

2.) Make yourself a cup of tea. Allow the product to dry for 4-6 hours.

3.) Iron inside out of 5 minutes on decorated area, using cotton setting.

4.) Invite your friend for a Pyjama Party!


! Attention: Not suitable for children 0-3 years of age. Ironing only by adults.