Creavvee® Tissue Paper Present Gift Wrapping Acid Free Quality Sheets 50 x 70cm, 30Sheets, 15 Colours

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Coloured Tissue Paper 30 sheets/ 15 colours

Let your Creativity Spark!

In the Do it yourself area, tissue paper turns out to be a real jack-of-all-trades:

The wedding is perfectly equipped with paper jewellery, garlands or flowers. Pompoms have become indispensable as pretty decorative elements.

Your "little ones" will be delighted by bright window pictures and this fine material is almost indispensable for the napkin or decoupage technique as well as for scrapbooking.

Lampions, imaginative decoration on festive tables, great tissue paper ribbons for bouquets, and, and, and ...

All these little works of art are effectively created with OfficeTree tissue paper and little effort.

You see: Our tissue paper is incredibly versatile and offers children and adults almost inexhaustible possibilities when it comes to creative handicraft projects.

There are virtually no limits to the design possibilities.


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30 sheets 75x50cm 15 different colours available (please select your colour of choice in the drop-down menu

Features / Specifications

Robust Material 14gsm/square meter

Conditions of Sale
  • Not suitable for children below three years age